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A Kinder Option

The use of stem cells contributes to approximately 5-7% of the final esthetic results of the Novadermy procedure. However, Novadermy is available also without using stem cells, and before choosing whether or not to undergo this procedure, you can consider this option as a more ecologically sound choice.
The stem cells used for this procedure are harvested from bovine placentas in Argentina. Therefore, these placental cells do not come from living calves or cows and no animals or their offspring were directly sacrificed or compromised in order to obtain these cells. HOWEVER, the common practice in Argentina is to raise, artificially inseminate, and slaughter cows on a large scale - which represents unsustainable environmental habits and questionable ethics. As with any commercial animal-based products, there are hidden costs which should be factored into oneʼs choice to support this business.
A few of the issues involved in large-scale agribusiness -- regardless of the country of origin -- include the inefficiency of converting grain into pounds of cows (according to Washington State University Extension, it varies from two to six pounds of grain to get one pound of cow, depending upon amount of efficient use of forage); the use of huge tracts of public lands to graze cows for private gain; the pollutions created by huge concentrations of feces and methane gas emissions; and the extensive use of petroleum at every stage of this business.
But perhaps the most serious issues involved are related to water. On March 31, 2004, CBC News broadcast the history of Argentinaʼs privatization of public water sources, entitled “Argentina: A Grand Experiment in Water Privatization That Failed” (see At the time of broadcast, selling public water utilities to a French water consortium had led to skyrocketing water prices, to charges of political corruption, and to millions of people in Greater Buenos Aires still awaiting water and sewer connections. While the problems of water quality and distribution have many facets, the bottom line, according to recent statistics from the Foundation for Sustainable Development, is that, “ ... many areas of Argentina face a total lack of safe drinking water”. According to Wikipedia, water problems in Argentina are exacerbated by “... one of the highest levels of per capita usage in the world at around 500 L/day, with 74% of water withdrawals made by agriculture”.
Depending upon whether you believe the beef industryʼs claims that it takes 441 gallons of water to create one pound of cow, or the more commonly used estimate of 2,500 gallons (see for the explanations of the differences in math), an average of the two extremes is 1471 gallons, which for an average cow of about 1,250 pounds would require 1,838,750 gallons just to create one animal. Reducing demand for Argentinian cow products would, at the very least, help to clean up the freshwater supply in those regions. To learn more about global water issues, please read the highly enjoyable book by best-selling author Charles Fishman, The Big Thirst.
It may not seem like much to forego your use of just a few cells of a byproduct of an animal that will still be consumed in many other ways. But each time a citizen chooses to eschew any product that misappropriates use of precious limited resources like fresh water and demands accountability at every level of all related businesses, the world is a safer, happier place for everyone. If you chose to undergo Novadermy, imagine how much more beautiful your face will look to you if you know how much kinder your stem cell-free choice will be!
(An independent author was invited to write this article, which therefore does not necessarily match the views or opinions of Novadermy).

Take 10 Years Off Your Face PERMANENTLY In Only 10 Days With Novadermy--The World's Safest and Most Effective Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

**Important Note About These Pictures**
"After" pictures were taken immediately following the Novadermy procedure. In some cases the oily or shiny appearance is due to the oil that is applied for the 12 hours immediately at the end of the procedure. Complexions will continue to improve as the new skin matures during the next three months. Studies published in “Reconstructive Surgery,” May 1986, by Dr. Klingman of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Doctors Baker and Gordan of the University of Miami School of Medicine, confirm that the good results will last for at least two decades.

Read below to learn how hundreds of women and men have benefited from Novadermy's unique, anti-aging facial rejuvenation procedure. It is possible to drastically improve, even completely eliminate the following skin conditions while avoiding the pain and risk of plastic surgery:

  • Freckles

  • Sunspots

  • Acne scars

  • Wrinkles

  • Enlarged pores

  • Lines

  • Roughness

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Vein lines

  • Liver spots

  • Discolorations

  • Blemishes

  • Fine lines

  • "loose skin"

  • superficial scars

  • solar degeneration

Even the scars, blemishes and unattractive skin conditions that you thought you would have to live with your entire life can be improved and eliminated with Novadermy. With Novadermy’s 10 Day Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation Treatment you'll literally regain the youthful glow and healthy skin you had as a young child. Unlike the unpredictable, potentially risky after effects of surgery, Novadermy's benefits are permanent. Read more about how with Novadermy's unique rejuvenation procedures you regain your youthful skin permanently!



It’s not just about looking younger; it’s about actually regaining that healthy, unscarred skin you had when you were young!! Dramatic results can be achieved on many different skin problems with various levels of damage! Additionally, your circulation will increase 300% sustaining and nourishing the new, healthy skin for many years to come.

Novadermy is a non-surgical, permanent, extremely-effective rejuvenation of the entire face, leading to dramatic, long-lasting results that reduce the appearance of aging by 10-20 years.

Novadermy is a comprehensive solution for those with mildly or severely aging face and upper neck, including folded skin, grooves lines, spots, sun-damage, abnormal pigmentation, wrinkles, enlarged pores, mild scars, pits, reduced circulation, thinning collagen, loss of elasticity, drooping facial structures, and/or sagging skin.

Whether you are in your early 40's (or younger!) or late 80's, you can restore your youthful appearance using this non-invasive, non-toxic, physiologically-enhancing method. You can even control the amount of improvement in any specific area of the face you wish to restore, because Novadermy is an art. Now, those who wish to have a second chance can start afresh by reversing the clock and taking better care of their inner and outer health the second time around. If you have already made substantial changes toward a healthier lifestyle, you can demonstrate your successful efforts with a well-deserved, radiant, youthful skin that represents your improving well-being. This procedure is so effective that Professor Dan Mahler (a famous Israeli plastic surgeon who studied Novadermy and performed it on many patients 25 years ago) has stated in 2005:

"There is nothing like it out there. The results last well over 20 years! I still see the very happy patients who did it in the early 80's, and I am amazed at the permanence of the results!"



Not only a marvelous procedure for aged skin, Novadermy also erases youthful freckles, acne scars, enlarged pores, sun and “liver” spots, as well as other skin conditions affecting young people.

How Novadermy Works

Novadermy is performed exclusively by medical doctors in a fully equipped operating room (for any unlikely emergencies). The clinic is on the 17th floor of “Plaza Agua Caliente”, a truly modern medical complex servicing mostly Americans and Canadians, located just 5 minutes south of San Diego, California.

This non-surgical process effectively removes aging and damaged skin, along with its wrinkles, lines, roughness and discolorations. By utilizing a proven, revolutionary 10 day process in combination with vital placental stem cells, Novadermy guarantees the formation of an entirely new network of connective tissue and blood vessels. Within the new skin layer there is an abundant regeneration of elastin and distribution of new collagen bundles. These combine with newly formed blood vessels to ensure a continuous, life-giving blood supply that will make you look years younger for the rest of your life.

Novadermy is not to be confused with highly advertised cosmetic applications of cell extracts that temporarily moisturize your face, nor with face lifting or peeling. Live Cell Novadermy is a proven medical procedure employing non-invasive techniques that, without the pain and risk of surgery, permanently replace aged, damaged and scarred skin. Your skin will regain the texture of youth, once again becoming soft, supple and firm without the unnatural, distended or temporary effects of surgery or chemical peels.



How the Technique Was Discovered

Live Cell Therapy (made famous by Dr. Niehans) and Novadermy, are the only clinically proven European bio-technologies which actually revitalize men and women’s cell tissue activity to suppress the aging process. Russian biologist and physician at the Leningrad School of Medicine, Dr. Vladimir Filatov, pioneered live cell bio-genic regeneration of burn-damaged tissue. This technique was further refined and perfected at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, for cosmetic use in replacing scarred, discolored, and prematurely aging skin.